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Core Story: World foodies pop up in The Core

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Baltimore has long been documented as a great food town. As far back as the mid-19th Century, essayist Oliver Wendall Holmes (father of the same-named jurist) cited it as the "gastronomical metropolis of the Union." Nonetheless, great food choices have expanded exponentially in recent years, and nowhere more so than in The Core at pop-ups.

For instance, in August, there were pop-ups for at least 3 types of noodles, generally unfamiiar in Baltimore.

In late August,Taiwanese noodles made their Baltimore debut in The Core, with a 6 week-long (every Wednesday) noodle bar pop-up by Ekiben at Fadensonnen. This followed Jade ( an August 16) Pop-Up, also at Fadensonnen, by Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering student Jesse Wu, that featured Hunan rice noodles.

Also appearing late in August was Water Song (云水遥.) Pop-Up at R. House, a new Yunnan (not to be confused with Hunan) restaurant serving authentic Mixian (rice noodles). These Yunnan noodles have the distinction of being prepared (for the most part) from fresh, rather than dried pasta.

Of course, regional styles of Chinese noodles, aren't the only hard-to-find world cuisines featured at Core pop-ups. For instance the acclaimed Liberian cuisine of Col Boll popped up this month, at Grind House Juice Bar on Sunday, August 25

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