Brick & Mortar  /  July 28, 2019

Core Story: ​Greetings from Maryland's 7th Congressional District!

Sisson Park for website.jpg

Here in The Core, where a number of residents commute to DC because of the great transportation hub at Penn station, kooky statements about Charm City are a favorite topic of cocktail (or porch, or stoop) chatter. Over a Natty Boh, or local craft brew, Core residents love to discuss the latest wacky thing they heard at work in DC about Baltimore, by someone who's never been here. Still, nothing prepared us for what has been on social media this weekend, about our Congressional District, Maryland 7th. We are proud to share this wonderful Congressional District with other great areas in Baltimore City, and beyond. One of the topics this weekend was -- who would want to live here, in this District. So instead of our usual agenda of telling you about what's going on, we thought we'd just show you a just a simple, quiet, street with some simple quiet, two story rowhouses. It's a shot of a sleepy sunrise, in our Remington neighborhood, seen from Sisson Street Community Park. Well, honestly, who wouldn't want to live here? Greetings from Maryland's 7th Congressional District! Or, as Boh drinkers like to refer to it, "The Land of Pleasant Living."

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