Brick & Mortar  /  April 11, 2019

Core Story: Free housing incentives workshop in Barclay April 27, 12-2pm!

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Is 10 your lucky number? If you’re househunting, it may turn out to be. In an effort to help folks with moderate means, the Central Baltimore Partnership (the same organization that sponsors Explore The Core) has a program that will take $10,000 off a new home for 10 such homebuyers. You have to be at (or below) the area median income) and looking in 6 Core neighborhoods (plus 1 right across the border). They will use deferred loans to make it happen and you can ask them how exactly that will work at a free get-together called Spring Open House on Saturday April 27, 12-2pm at the "Nate Tatum" North Barclay Green Community Center (pictured) in our beautiful Barclay neighborhood. Best of all this will work with other incentives and also at the event will be experts on this kind of stuff from -- Live Baltimore, Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc., Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore, Telesis, etc.

Here a link to the event page!

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