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Arts/October 2, 2019

Core Story: The Core's death defying Baltimore Jewelry Center

When you look at the light-hearted grins of Mary R...
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Restaurants/October 1, 2019

News Story: Resurgent Baltimore Eagle will go back to the future

It's back! But it's back to the future! Original o...
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Brick & Mortar/September 28, 2019

Core Story: ETC makes a superhuman effort at the Live Baltimore Trolley Tour

There's more than a passing resemblance to the ico...
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Arts/September 22, 2019

Core Story: Look out "ART WORK AHEAD!" in our Barclay neighborhood

The sign warned "Art Work Ahead!" so we proceeded ...
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Arts/September 16, 2019

News Story: The Core's Homewood Museum is national leader in contextual presentation

The Homewood Museum off Charles Street, (on the Jo...
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Shopping/September 15, 2019

Core Story:Codex Club picks Remington over Niagra Falls.

Fabulous as it is, when it comes to honeymoon myth...
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Arts/August 31, 2019

News Stories: Greedy Reads opens in Remington

Greedy Reads (an independent bookstore) will open ...
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Restaurants/August 30, 2019

Core Story: World foodies pop up in The Core

Baltimore has long been documented as a great food...

32nd Street Farmer's Market


In addition to fresh local produce, you can buy everything at the 32nd Street Farmer's Market from bagels to books, and there are usually live street performers as well! This weekly happening in Abell takes place near the Waverly Main Street and is frequently referred to as the "Waverly Farmers' Market."

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